Băng đô xanh

Định đặt tên là “Hàng rào thiên thanh” đấy 😛 Mình đang ưa băng đô len, chắc vì mấy hôm ốm cứ buộc khăn của con gái lên đầu, con gái sốt ruột bảo sao mẹ không đan cái bờm cho mẹ í :p Băng đô len cũng hay đấy chứ, ấm đầu ra phết, nếu đi đường thì bỏ luôn băng đô ra ngoài tai che ấm tai, khi nào làm đẹp thì lại bỏ vào trong 😛

Công thức đan:

Bản in công thức. PDF

Lattice Cable Headband

by Kerin Dimeler Exclusively for Knit Picks

 Finished size:

Approx. 3″ wide by 20″ circumference


Knit Picks Elegance (70% Baby Alpaca, 30% Silk; 110 yds/50 g): Aegean 24219, 1 ball


US 6 (4 mm): Straight or circular needles


Yarn NeedleCable Needle


30 sts = 4″ in lattice pattern, blocked.

This knitted headband features a lattice cable pattern. These cables create almost a woven look as stitches move over and under each other. There is also a ribbed portion of this headband, which is thinner to fit comfortably and it is easy to adjust this portion so the headband will fit you perfectly.


CO 105 sts. Begin working from Lattice Chart; note that row 1 is a WS row. (The first two and last two rows are essentially K3, P3 rib.) The first and last sts are selvedge and should be worked in St st.

Work the 8 st repeat 16 times across; in rows 6, 10, 14, and 18, the last two stitches of one repeat cross the first two stitches of the next repeat.

Work all 23 rows and then BO in rib on the next row. Leave last st on needle and do not break yarn.


Turn piece so that the RS is facing and the left edge is on top. Using the last live st from the BO as the first band st, PU and knit 13 more sts down the side, between the selvedge and pattern sts.

Turn work and work in P2, K2 rib to last two sts; P2.

Work as established in rib for four inches or as long or short as necessary to fit.


After completing a RS row, turn work and PU, but do not knit, 14 sts from right edge of Lattice panel. With WS facing, hold both right and left ends together and perform a 3-needle BO to connect the ends.

Weave in ends, wash and block.




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