Đan khăn ren bằng sợi nhỏ kim to

Không cần dùng mũi vắt dây hay các hoa văn tạo lỗ, bạn chỉ cần dùng sợi nhỏ kim to là mũi đan tự rỗng ra khiến cho khăn mỏng mảnh như một tấm ren vậy. Kỹ thuật đan dòng ngắn cũng được sử dụng để tạo bèo rủ tự nhiên cho vành ngoài của khăn. Chỉ choàng nhẹ qua vai thôi cũng hết sức điệu đà:

Công thức đan:

SIZE: One Size
About 7 x 38 in. (18 x 96.5 cm), measured across shortest edge


32 sts = 4 in. (10 cm) in Garter st (k every row). BE SURE TO CHECK YOUR GAUGE. When you match the gauge in a pattern, your project will be the size specified in the pattern and the materials specified in the pattern will be sufficient. If it takes you fewer stitches and rows to make a 4 in. [10 cm] square, try using a smaller size hook or needles; if more stitches and rows, try a larger size hook or needles.


Short rows are a way to add shaping to a knit piece without changing the st count by increasing or decreasing. When working short rows, only a portion of the row is knit, the rem sts are left unworked. This gradually adds height to one section of the knitting, while the height of the other section does not change. To work short rows, the pattern will tell you to ‘turn’ before you reach the end of the row.

Cast on 55 sts.
Row 1: Knit.
Row 2: K44, turn, leave rem 11 sts unworked.
Row 3: K44.
Row 4: K33, turn, leave rem 22 sts unworked.
Row 5: K33.
Row 6: K22, turn, leave rem 33 sts unworked.
Row 7: K22.
Row 8: K11, turn, leave rem 44 sts unworked.
Row 9: K11.
Row 10: K across all 55 sts.
Repeat Rows 1-10 until nearly all yarn has been used, end with a Row 10.
Note: End with a Row 10 means that the last row you work should be a Row 10.
Bind off. 

Weave in ends.



Click for explanation and illustration
k = knit rem = remain(s)(ing)
st(s) = stitch(es)  

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