Nấm của Mario :P

Có nấm rồi đây😛

Kể cả nấm độc cũng có😛

Công thức móc:


  • Materials Needed:

  • 1. Here is the link to the Black Oval Safety Eyes
  • 2. Green and Red yarn.
  • 3. Size F crochet hook.
  • 4. Darning needle.

  • Body:

*Remember to put the eyes in before you stuff the doll.*

  • 1. With red. 6sc in circle.
  • 2. 2sc in each sc.
  • 3. 1sc, 2sc in sc.
  • 4. 2sc, 2sc in sc.
  • 5. 3sc, 2sc in sc.
  • 6. 4sc, 2sc in sc.
  • 7. 5sc, 2sc in sc.
  • 8. 6sc, 2sc in sc.
  • 9. 7sc, 2sc in sc.
  • 10. 8sc, 2sc in sc.
  • 11. 9sc, 2sc in sc.
  • 12. 10sc, 2sc in sc.
  • 13. 1sc in each sc. For 9 rows.
  • 14. 1sc in next 3 stitches. 2sc tog.
  • 15. 1sc in next 2 stitches. 2sc tog. For two rows.
  • 16. Change to cream color yarn. 1sc in each sc only in the back loops for one row.
  • 17. 1sc in each sc for 7 rows.
  • 18. 2sc tog until you close the gap.

  • Circles:

  • 19. With white yarn. 6sc in circle.
  • 20. 2sc in each sc.
  • 20. 1sc, 2sc in sc.
  • 20. 2sc, 2sc in sc
  • 20. 3sc, 2sc in sc.
  • 20. Finish off and sew onto doll. Make 5.


 Móc phần dấu hiệu độc hại trên nấm nhé😛


NOTE: The pattern for the rest of the mushroom is the same as the others.






  • With white colored yarn.




  • 1. 6sc in circle.
  • 2. 2sc in each sc.
  • 3. 2dc in next 2 stitches, 4sc, 2dc in next 2 stitches, 4sc.
  • 4. 1sc, 2sc in sc.
  • 5. 2sc, 2sc in sc.
  • 6. 1sc in next stitch.
  • 7. Chain 1 and turn. 1sc in next 9 stitches.
  • 8. Add eyes and a mouth. Sew this onto the mushroom cap.
  • 9. For the bottom part of the mushroom, embroider the eyes to make it look like the doll in the video.


For the eyes:


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  1. họ viết hướng dẫn như thê này thì hiểu thế nào đc hả bạ?

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