Hoa mai

Mẫu móc hoa Mai này thật đáng yêu! chắc vì hoa trùng tên với mình 😛 hi hi…. Cũng không chắc là hoa mai nhưng xinh quá cứ vơ vào thế 😛
1.1 (609x700, 247Kb)2.2 (600x477, 148Kb)

Author Galina
For knitting, I used yellow, white and green “Narcissus” (NPC them. Kirov, 100% cotton), artificial stamens, hook № 1,3 mm.
first point of contact for two white flower pattern. Notice that the last column each lobe seizure tally with only the front wall of the column of the bottom row and the first column – with the capture of the bottom wall. Because of this it turns out like in nature, the petals are like each other. yarn tie Green leaves with cuttings and circle the substrate. Flatten otparte and all related parts iron, fingers give them a nice shape.Now take a bunch of stamens. Fold in half, thread through the center of the flower, cut and sew sewing thread to the wrong side. Without breaking the thread to sew the flower of one of the leaves. Do the same with the second flower and leaf. remains to connect the two pieces, sew them to the substrate so that the flowers and leaves arranged beautifully and the wrong side looked neat.
IMG_9848 (700x546, 204Kb)

4.1 (700x426, 162Kb)

5 - (600x604, 271Kb)6 - (600x625, 286Kb)


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